Father and son

Father and son

In 1825, nothing happened. In France, in 1825, you can check in your history textbooks, when this date is mentioned, if it is mentioned, it does not indicate anything specific… There are things elsewhere, before and after but not here or during or so little ... We put everyone in cupboards to bring them out as soon as the prestige allows it ... Apart from the official nothing is true.

At the edge of Limousin and Périgord, on the muddy path that leads them to the forge, Gabriel Chablais de la Rivière picks up his son Julien who is waiting for him outside his house. They are now making their way towards the entrance to the forge.

Directed by Laurent Moreau, written by Kervarec'h, produced by Fabrice Garcia-Carpintero.

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Gabriel Chablais de la Rivière

Le marquis Gabriel Chablais de la Rivière, aussi baron d’empire, n’est nullement inquiété par la chasse aux sorcières qui sévit depuis le début de la restauration. Issu d’une vieille et noble famille de Savoie il a le respect et l’appui de beaucoup…


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Père et fils

En 1825, il ne sepasse rien. En France, en 1825, vous pouvez vérifier dans vosmanuels d’Histoire, quand cette date est mentionnée, si elle estmentionnée, elle n’indique rien de particulier…!

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